Acu-point Zeb and Meridian Tester

Acupoint Zeb

Acupoint Bio-Plasma Device is easy to use !

                              *Makes Vortex Helix water
                              *Use on spine to balance out pain blocks
                              *Works well with crystals
                              *Activates acupuncture and trigger points
                              *Just hold at acupuncture point for 10secs.
                              *Stimulate points with beveled end
                              *Balances points with open end
                              *Great for reflexology too
                              *Works great with divining or muscle testing
                              *Much more energies than similar wands
                              *Comes with Zero Energy Balancing Manual!

The Acupoint Bio-Plasma Device works great on the acupuncture meridians shown below:

These meridians form a complex network in which all energy is distributed throughout the body. On these channels lie the acupuncture points which can be used to influence the flow of energy in the channels. This is traditionally done by needles but now with the Acupoint Bio-Plasma Device no needles are necessary. By holding the Acupoint Bio-Plasma Device at an acupuncture point, you can strengthen or diminish specific organ energy to regain harmony in organ functions and rebalance the energy associated with specific diseases.

The Acupoint Bio-Plasma Device can easily be used for to stimulate and balance the reflexology points on the bottom of the feet. When used with a divining rod, the Acupoint Bio-Plasma Device can tell you which points need to be stimulated or balanced.

Books that can help you know which points to stimulate are listed below. These books are very easy to follow and make using the Acupoint Bio-Plasma Device a snap for beginning meridian balancers.

“Simply a Safer Way,” order from:
China Health Institute

“Beginning Acupressure Course Booklet” and
“Intermediate and Advanced Acupressure Course Booklet” from
Acupressure Institute

Also “Touch for Health” by John Thie, D.C.

Mini Acu-point Zeb
Price $50.00

Meridian Tester

*Test meridian and pathogen energies
*Easily analyze saliva sample                
*Two minute test duration                        
*Meridian Analysis Method                 

Meridian Tester

Price $75.00