EGYPT - Priests' Healing Tubes

"This is a picture of actual ancient Egyptian healing rods taken at the Metropolitan Art Museum in 1998.

Records indicate the Rods were held during the Pharaoh’s entire life. They harmonized the two main energetic streams, "Yin-Yang" which are two principles, opposite and unified, different and homogenous at the same time. The Ancient Egyptians used the Rods with different fillings to regulate the energetic balance of a body. The first one was made usually for the right, another one for the left hand. The first possessed the power of the Sun, the second - of the Moon. The Priests and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt used these metal cylinders with different fillings as an instrument to achieve their high aims that allowed them to realize step-by-step evolution of their psychic, energetic and as consequence, their physical abilities. These abilities were necessary for preparation of the "Communication with the Gods" combined with the help of the Pyramids.”

The following is from 132-133 in the book “Same Soul, Many Bodies” by Brian Weiss.

“I’m a priest, a healer, one of a very few employed by the rich and powerful. My healing method involves the use of what we priests call energy rods. When the rods are turned in precisely the right way, they emit healing sound vibrations and light frequencies. Their use is not random. There is a prescribed sequence of light and sound, an intricate order and pattern to how the rods are aimed at portions of the body. The art is secret. It involves energy and light and their accumulation, storage and transfer.”

“Where do you practice this medicine?” I asked.

His eyes glittered. “In secret chambers within the healing temples. Only a few priests know of their location. Even those who do menial work in the temples do not know of them so, masterfully are they hidden.”
“And you are able to work wonders?”
“Exactly! We have cured many diseases.” He leaned forward. “And we are able to regenerate organs and limbs lost in battle.”