EARTH - Power Animal Spirits

Native Americans and other tribal peoples recognized that because we're all related in the Circle of Life, animals will reveal themselves in visions and share their power or energy. Shamans and primary peoples have always been connected to the animals, both physically and psychically. They possess a spiritual connectedness, an inner knowingness, as well as living closely and harmoniously with animals. Animals live from the heart, with a deep instinctual knowing that is firmly connected to the entire circle of life. Because they live from the heart and are not entrapped by their reason, they can be powerful spiritual and emotional allies. Sometimes Power Animals come as visionary help through a specific stage or challenge in one's life. People may also seek or be gifted with an animal that stays with them their whole lives. In tribal cultures, a vision of an animal was often received during the puberty Vision Quest — the major initiation into tribal spiritual ways. The owl, as a creature of the night, has the ability to fly through darkness into the Light with assurance and ease. Thus it is a guide for us in our dark times. Each power animal has different energies and different strengths and abilities to teach us.