EARTH - Shamanism

“Shamanism was with us from the beginning and is with us today as wisdom teacher, natural healer, story teller, visionary, artist, dream worker, spiritual advisor, or builder of sacred community.

All cultures were aboriginal at one time and have a name for the person who practices shamanism in their community. For example, sangoma in South Africa, curandero in Latin America, wu of ancient China, kahuna in the the Hawaiian Islands, marakame in Mexico's Sierra Madre and medicine man/woman in North America.

The shamanic practitioner makes propitiatory offerings, recovers lost soul parts or conducts healing ceremonies. In Russia's Siberia, "to shamanize" was to use out-of-body journeys to mediate between the seen and unseen worlds serving spirit, community and individual.

As the body can grow ill from lack of nourishment or improper diet, so too can lack of, or improper, nourishment for the heart and soul cause us to be imbalanced or physically ill. Healing takes place from the spiritual realm. Before a physical healing can take place, the patient sometimes needs to draw closer to Spirit."

---Chokechery Gall Eagle, Lakota, Beyond the Lodge of the Sun.