Will ZE and EM Biofield Science Lead to New Healing Techniques and Technology?

The biofield representation above left is before a biofield healing and to the right is after a biofield healing. EM biofield imaging technology development will allow diagnosis and treatment of dis-ease before it occurs physically. Another great advancement occurring is the enhancement of EM biofields to promote faster healing and prevent potential dis-ease. Medical specialists are using infra-red EM fields to stimulate growth and regenerate bone, connective tissue and nerves. Energy “healers” have also been using hands on healing to affect biophysical changes through ZE and EM biofield stimulation.

Even more interesting, the EM fields coming out of the hands of healers and martial artists have finally been measured. It has been discovered that these people emit strong EM fields in the low frequency range from 2Hz to 30Hz. J.R. Oschman, Energy Medicine, Scientific Evidence.