How Do EM Biofields Mediate Biochemical Reactions?

An example would be the rotation of a charged protein which sets up an EM biofield that resonates with a second protein causing a corresponding rotation in the second protein. Bonds bend, twist and stretch so that the active site of the protein can approach the active site of the receptor protein. Recognition of a specific protein by a receptor depends on resonant vibratory interactions, comparable to the interactions of two tuning forks. J. L. Oshman, Energy Medicine the Scientific Basis

This process of biocommunication through EM and ZE biofields explains how the human ZE biofield mediates growth, healing and regeneration. One could further infer how homeopathy, acupuncture and other biofield therapies work. Pharmaceuticals on the other hand replace natural human biochemical processes and impede natural biofield communication. Homeopathy, acupuncture and other EM and ZE biofield therapies re-establish and enhance natural biocommunication processes.