Are the Dark and Stagnant ZE Patterns Associated with Blocked Life-force Energy?

Yes. The sum of all blocked energy in the human ZE field can be called the pain body or emotional residue. When one is in “flight or fight” mode, the ZE field polarizes or freezes throughout cells in the physical body. This freezing of the cells in time is called cellular memory. Blocked energy occurs with stressful and traumatic events in ones life. A common stressful event where one may have blocked energy is during a car accident. One may have stored fearful, anxiety ridden emotions in the human ZE field and cellular memory in the muscles, fascia and bones. Misunderstood childhood experiences, emotional and physical abuse, divorce, PTSD, shocks, etc. are stored in one’s pain body. These events are ones in which the mind-body freezes and says “No!”

So the Path of the Enlightened One is to Heal Blocked ZE Patterns?

Yes that is part of the path. The unenlightened one has dark, stagnant ZE patterns from resisting life’s painful events. Full acceptance and feeling of these painful events transform these dark ZE patterns into flowing ZE patterns. If one chooses to accept and appreciate life, studies show that one’s physiological rhythms and ZE patterns become resonant.