Cliff the Inventor

Cliff Stumbaugh is the creative genius behind zero energy science and zero energy balancing devices. His electro-magnetic ingenuity was already apparent by the sixth grade when he built a telegraph system for a science project. Today, zero point energy, plasma energy science and scalar-wave research and development are his favorite areas of interest.

His first professional career began with the U.S. Air Force in 1951. Cliff re-designed and modified aircraft flight and space simulators. As an Air Force Simulator Specialists with a Technical Instructor's rating, he headed the first team to re-build a jetfighter aircraft simulator where pilots actually felt like they were flying. Real flying simulation had never been re-created before. In appreciation of his accomplishments he was awarded the prestigious Presidential Award.

His next 20 year career has been as a energy worker. Cliff is not your average energy worker however. He is more like a wizard, transforming his patient's/client's energy with his ZEB wands and healing hands. Much of his inspiration comes from the higher orders. At the beginning of his energy healing career, his primary goals were to invent a laying-on-hands-healing simulator and an energy meridian measuring and analysis system. He has accomplished both. Cliff finds the field of plasma energy and scalar-wave technology a never ending exploration. Many more refinements to this technology and science will undoubtedly unfold along his journey.

Cliff enjoys living in Mansfield, Ohio with his wife and massage business partner, Carol Peace. He has 4 children and many grandchildren as well.