The heart's electromagnetic field

Can the Heart’s Electromagnetic Field Be Felt by Others?

The heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body's organs. The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5,000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain and can be detected a number of feet away from the body. Once again, based on the principle of resonance, one should be able to “feel” or empathize with another’s heart field.

When two energy fields (the subject and the object) are in resonance and exchange information, something happens after the resonance is over. The two systems do not go back to their original state. A sort of vibrational “impregnation” occurs. Part of the new information leaves an imprint on the energy system. People are in constant evolution through resonance or information exchange. This describes how MEMORY gets impregnated into every system.