Actual photograph of atoms of germanium in an ink-blot.

Is it True that the Micro-Level of Matter also has Geometric Zero Energy Patterns?

Cutting-edge Japanese, Russian and French research into “Microcluster Physics” has demonstrated that atoms naturally tend to group together into Platonic Solid crystalline structures such as the octahedron.

No atoms had even remotely been “seen” visually until 1985, when IBM Research Almaden Labs was the first to use an electron tunneling microscope to actually photograph the organization of molecules of germanium in an ink-blot. What we see from this experiment in Figure 2.1 are indistinct, fuzzy spherical objects that appear to have some non-spherical geometric qualities to their shape and are in an extremely geometric pattern of organization, which was definitely a surprise for conventional science. The image was artificially colored orange and green to allow the eye to discriminate between the two types of atom that were seen.