What is the Difference Between Quantum Physics and the Zero Energy Unified Model?

The average person will probably say that matter is made of molecules, which in turn are made of atoms, which in turn are made of little particles whirling around a nucleus like miniature planetary systems, filled with 99.999% “empty” space. This is known as the Rutherford model of the atom in the science of “quantum physics,” and as Dr. Milo Wolff says in Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe,

p. 122 – There are no Electron Orbits! Whoever started the notion of electrons traveling around the nucleus like planets made a terrible blunder! If you have learned such an idea, discard it immediately. Instead, all calculations and all experiments show that no satellite-like orbital motion exists in the normal atom. Instead, there are standing wave patterns. For example, see the case of N=1 in the figures above [or in these diagrams, M=0 and L=0] where the standing wave pattern is entirely spherical. The center of the electron pattern is also the center of the proton pattern. This is the normal situation of the H atoms in the universe; they have spherical symmetry, not orbits.

p. 133 –
No QM theory exists that predicts a size for the electron, a mass, nor a charge.

The substantiality of “mass” is doubtful because it can always be converted to electromagnetic energy, which has no particle properties.

Furthermore, when quantum physicists have studied the “electrons” of the atom, they have observed that they are not actually “points” at all, but rather form smooth, teardrop-shaped “clouds” where the narrowest ends of the “drops” converge upon a very tiny point in the center.