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Bio-Plasma devices simulate hands-on-healing, clear acupuncture meridians, chakras, biofields and improve
ones overall wellness. Bio-Plasma devices can be programmed to pathogen biofield energies and can improve injury wellness time by 200 - 400%. Bio-Plasma devices work wonders on both animals and humans.
Plasma Energy Medicine presentation and magazine article.

Live Blood Analysis Case Studies

Before Using Bio-Plasma Devices

After Using Bio-Plasma Devices

Many people will have red blood cells that travel in clusters. This happens with fatigue, stress or health problems present in most people as they age in varying degrees.

The Plasma-Scalarwave PEMF energies of Bio-Plasma Devices energize the zeta potential of the blood and cause the blood cells to spherically expand. Your blood cells will circulate better and be able to provide more oxygen to your tissues. Bio-Plasma Devices helps you attain wellness by energizing all cells in your body as well, not just blood cells.

Thermograph Case Studies with Bio-Plasma Devices

Before Using Bio-Plasma Devices

After Using Bio-Plasma Devices

Beth Crose, a horse and animal healer, provided the following case study. The thermal images above are from the hoof of a Quarter Horse diagnosed with ring bone. Digital thermal images above indicate heat and inflammation was reduced by Energy Balancing with Bio-Plasma Devices. The image brightness was reduced from about 80% brightness to about 40% brightness. Lighter colors are the hottest temperatures, and darker colors are the coolest in the thermal images.

Vortex Helix Water NMR Test

PMW - Best

EW - Worst

Structured Water Crystal

Our Vortex Helix Water Line-Width NMR test results were extremely good at 62. Structured water is the best type of drinking water available and with our devices, you can make it yourself and save thousands of dollars. The 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for the discovery of the Aquaporins, the specific small channels that allow only one H20 molecule at a time to enter and exit a cell. A smaller Line-width of water means a smaller water molecule which can get through the small holes of cells called Aquaporins. The net result is cells receiving optimum hydration.

EMF Protection Acupoint Test

Rydoraku Acupoint Meter -
Normal 50%

Acupoint Readings with EMF Protection

We tested our EMF Protection Technology which is in all of our Bio-Plasma Devices . A Rydoraku meter was used to test the acupuncture points on the hands before driving, while in a running car without EMF protection and then with EMF protection. The results show Bio-Plasma Device's EMF Protection Technology is very effective.

Gamma Radiation Studies with Bio-Plasma Devices

Hands on Healer and Gamma Detection

Bio-Plasma Devices were placed between the patients ankles in an EMF shielded Radiation Oncology room at "Doctors Hospital West" in Columbus, Ohio. Healers caused the background gamma radiation to decrease during their laying-on-hands healing sessions. This indicates that the human body is an absorber of gamma radiation during healing. Bio-Plasma Devices yielded the same results as the hands-on-healers: gamma radiation was absorbed when Bio-Plasma Devices were used. - See Ref. 2

Bio-Plasma Device Power is Pyramid Power; also Shape Power

SUMMARY OF RESEARCH Russian Pyramid Research, Golod

Bio-Plasma devices are plasma focusing devices. Pyramids are also plasma focusing devices. The Russian National Academy of Sciences which includes: the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Graphite Scientific Research Institute, and the Institute of Physics in Ukraine have researched the effects of plasma energy on biological organisms.


- Immune system of organisms increased upon exposure in the pyramid (Leukocyte composition of the blood increased). Also increased regeneration of tissues)
- Agricultural seeds placed in the pyramid for 1-5 days showed a 30-100% increase in yield
- Russian Military radar (locator) spotted an energy column rising several miles high in the sky above the 22m Lake Seliger pyramid. Several months after this pyramid was built, the Ozone layer improved in the atmosphere in Russia
- Areas near the pyramids seem to have diminished seIsmic activity. Instead of one large powerful earthquake occurring, there are hundreds of tiny ones. Also violent weather seems to decrease in the area of the pyramids.
- Pyramid complex was built in an oil field in Southern Russia (Bashkiria). The oil became lighter (less viscous) by 30% and the yield of the oil wells increased. These results were confirmed by (Gubkin) Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas.
- Newborns were given solutions that had been placed in the pyramid and their health indexes increased greatly.
- Experiments with about 5000 people in jails in Russia showed that in a few months most crimes almost disappeared and behavior was much improved. This was attributed to the salt and pepper added to their food which had been placed beforehand in the Pyramid.
- The potency of pharmaceuticals increased with decreasing side effects.
- There is an increase in survival of cellular tissue infected by viruses and bacteria – The pyramids decrease the strength of various viruses and bacteria.
- When radioactive waste is placed inside the pyramids, there is a decrease in their level of radioactivity
- Spontaneous charging of capacitors (leyden jaw on top and energy source?)
- Changes in superconductivity temperature thresholds and properties of semiconductors and carbon materials.
- Ordinary water does not freeze even at 40 degrees below zero and retains its properties for years.

Bio-Plasma Device Technology is Future Medicine
Football Size Hematoma 14 Days Later

The second hematoma picture above was taken 14 days after the first picture. Beth Crose used Bio-Plasma Devics and energy therapy to facilitate rapid wellness. There was new hair growth with no wound to be found in 2 months. The veterinarian predicted this would take about 6 months. The cutting edge, attached scientific review article, Applied Plasma Medicine shows that Plasma Medicine:

- inactivates viruses and bacteria
- facilitates faster wellness for infections and wound healing
- can initiate cancer energy inactivation & shrinkage within 2 weeks
- catalyzes natural blood coagulation in vitro
- reduces inflammation
- improves nerve conduction
- inhibits free oxygen radicals
- facilitates faster wellness for ulcers by 200-400%
- prevents formation of scar tissue
- improves wellness of bronchial cavities and pleurisy
- normalizes gingivitis it 2-3months
- stimulates skin regeneration
- For the scientific review of plasma medicine, see 'Applied Plasma Medicine,' Plasma Process. Polym.2008, 5, 503-533.

Bio-Plasma Device Technology is Both Ancient and Modern Wisdom

Ancient Egyptian Rods          Bio-Plasma Device- Plasma Wave-Guide

The ancient Egyptian priest-healers were one of the select few who knew the secrets of plasma energy focusing
for healing. These ancient Egyptian healing rods are seen throughout the artwork of ancient Egypt. Today, these
can be seen at the Chicago Metropolitan Art Museum. Both pyramids and Bio-Plasma Devices are geometrical plasma focusing devices. See more here.

Bio-Plasma Device Energy Architecture is Black Hole Architecture

Wormholes and possible new physics in biological length scales

The picture on the left shows the plasma energy radiating from a galactic black-hole (wormhole). The picture on the right shows a spherical galaxy with its elliptical plane and the central black-hole (wormhole) with plasma jets. The fact that wormhole flux tubes are hollow cylinders is a central aspect throughout nature. The cylindrically shaped Bio-Plasma Devices produce low-energy plasma jets just as with a galactic blackhole (wormhole). "Wormhole magnetic fields provide a mechanism for control at a distance of cell organelles by the cell nucleus. Each DNA sequence corresponds to a characteristic wormhole magnetic field configuration serving as a template for the topological condensation of ordinary matter. (biological microtubules and axonal membranes are hollow cylinders)." See Ref. 3 below. In fact the plasma jets from Bio-Plasma Devices mimic the affect of magnetic jets from DNA, neurons and other cellular structures and can consequently affect them.

Bio-Plasma Devices Use Frequency Healing

Brain Tumor Ablation with Alternating Currents

100kHz -300kHz Kills Tumor Cells. No Side Effects to Healthy Brain Tissue! Ref. 4

In 1920 Royal Rife identified the human cancer virus using the worlds most powerful microscope (which Rife created), cultured the virus (on salted pork, the best growing medium), and injected it into rats. These injections caused cancer in every one of the rats (all 400 of them). Later Rife was able to find a frequency of electromagnetic energy that would cause the cancer virus to self destruct when within that energy field. Rife created a device that emitted that energy field and was successful at destroying cancer viruses inside patients who were within close proximity of his device. See Ref. 4. See also article for history of Rife’s shutout by AMA and FDA. Ref. 5

Everything has a specific vibration. There is a specific vibration for the screen you are reading, and for the eyes that see this. In health, things that bother us are called pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. Each one of them also has a specific vibration. So let the first box above represent a picture of the signature wave of a bacteria.
If we use exactly the right vibration it will disintegrate the bacteria. The middle picture represents the application of a counter vibration. It is like singing a very high note. That note could break apart a champagne glass without harming the tray that the glass sits on or the waiter carrying the tray. In the same way, the right vibration in the drops you take will gradually break apart the intended bacteria without harming the body that surrounds it. In the box on the far right we show the effect of adding a counter vibration that makes the two "flat-line" out or cancel each other.

Best Unified Field Theory

This is accepted as the first "Peer Reviewed" Theory of the Unified Field Theory. The video explains how the Vacuum Field around us has an energy density millions of times more dense than our Sun. The fluidic Vacuum Field manifests matter by creating Dual Vortex Blackhole-Whitehole Structures. Watch it here


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