Mulidimensional doorway, a wormhole. a black hole.

Are Enormous Energy Changes Occurring in Our Consciousness as well as Our Solar System?

The Cosmic Center or black hole of the Milky Way can be thought of as a magnificent magnet. As prophesied by the Mayans, in the year 2012, our earth will be aligned with this Cosmic Center. This happens once every 13,000 years or twice in its entire 26,000 year cycle. It is thought that the magnetized Cosmic Center is having a maximum “entrainment” or resonance effect as we approach the 2012 date. Furthermore, this entrainment is raising the zero energy (ZE) level of our solar system and is thought to be raising human consciousness to a higher cosmic level.

Energy Enlightenment or Energy Doom?

Indeed, as we explore these enormous changes occurring in our solar system, it is worthwhile to explore the multidimensional nature behind the Great Cycle that is now ending. Although esoteric in nature, there is quite possibly a positive aspect to the great cycle prophesied by the Mayans. Are these changes causing worldwide human ZE enlightenment? The historical cultures such as the Egyptians, Mayans, Gnostics and Sumerians say exactly this. On the physics level, it is a simple question of expanding our vibration to accommodate our movement into a higher vibration. Or is our black hole, Cosmic Center causing annihilating energy changes to our Solar System?