What is the Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum and How Do these EM Fields Affect Humans?

The electromagnetic fields and their frequencies shown above are energies or fields which naturally surround and resonate with us. Everyone is familiar with the visible EM fields seen in a rainbow. Visible EM sun-rays provide vitamin D and other life support functions. Most EM fields are invisible yet still have an affect on all living things. Natural, life supporting EM signals occur with the process of creation. These originate from the galaxy, our sun, our own bodies and all earthly life-forms. We can call these EM biofields.

Many EM fields come from man-made devices that are new to the human environment these last 100 years of our evolution. Examples of man-made EM signals are FM radio signals near 100MHz, microwave signals near 1000GHz, cell phones, satellite signals, home appliances, WMD etc. Most of these man-made EM fields can have negative affects on living things.