English crop formation at Woodborough, August 13, 2000

What Geometry Pattern Would the Universe Have Looking at it from the Top-Down?

We do already know that the cosmic microwave background (CMB) energy of the Universe is roughly spherical, and that all the galaxy super clusters are in a “flat” area, like a pancake, in the middle of this sphere. Hence the “matrix,” when viewed from the top down, would have to look like a circle with a pattern of pyramids or octahedrons, similar to a lotus flower.

What we see in the “crop formation” is a simplified view of the structure of the Universe, looking at it from the top down. The diamond shape of the octahedron can be seen by connecting each raised triangle of crop (dark brown) to the downed triangle directly ahead of it, (light brown,) as you move from the outside edge of the circle towards the center. It is true that if we were to build this diagram on paper, it would be most accurate to render it entirely from straight lines.